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Meet Erik Hoang

The Creator


Going to the movies has always been a special experience for me. Sitting in a theater with a bag of freshly popped popcorn, it feels just like home.  To this day, my affection for filming hasn’t changed a bit, which led me down the career path I am currently focusing on: working to produce fine art films, music and commercial videos.

I’ve always intrigued by the uniqueness of each story and felt that there is the need to convey these emotional, visually stunning stories with a distinctive perception to viewers. After years of being in the industry, I am eager to create my own start-up, called The Vow Films, where I can apply the skills I’ve developed and immerse myself in the field that I am passionate about. Since then, I have found a passion for interpreting my love of storytelling and filming into my craft of your special day fine art videography.

Meet August

Creative Manager


Hi there! I’m August, the face very very very behind The Vow Films. I love collecting moments in life, putting those into motions and sharing it to other.  For me, moment is essential as it has the power to travel you back to the time as if it is your first whether it’s your first smile, tears and touch as husband and wife.

My love for art and videography is co-incident and mostly inspired by stories and people I met through my life journey since I was living abroad. I intend wedding videography as my personal research lab, I never stop feeding my eyes and my soul with classic movies, paintings and music and looking everything that surrounds my everyday life.

My aim is to reach simplicity, timeliness and clean videography, with a touch of cinema and art, using natural light in the natural flow of the events. I believe that simplicity is the best and the most treasured moments are hidden in real connections, real emotions, and real life.

I love to stay between the lines and unnoticeably capture emotions that surround you and your loved ones; and love to tell other story from my stand point of view.


Meet Kim Huynh



I love capturing moments of people in love; especially, those instances on wedding day. For me, it is beautiful and inspiring to witness the union not just of two souls in love, but also two families becoming one. i believe love is universal regardless what their culture, their background or even their orientation.

The thing I love most about videography is that it is able to draw you in, capture the mood in seconds and save those special moments for lifetime. With the current modern and fast-paced lifestyle we all seem to live now, it isn’t easy to have moment to slow down and recall the detail of experiences or special occasions that have been connect US to OTHERs. I truly believe that each story are made up of precious moments and different from one to another; Thus, capturing those in time for a couple to recall throughout their lives is what drives my passion, my commitment and my success.




First and most importantly, RELAX and ENJOY your day!

We will be capturing everything as it unfolds. We will be positioning ourselves to capture everything in the best light, from the most flattering angle, to best tell the story of your big day while you can enjoy it as the same time.

Sometimes, we may ask you to stand in a certain place, or make some little pose, so we can make the best possible wedding shots for your film. Then just continue with what you are doing.

When it comes to portrait of you and your love, we will start by selecting a location with a clean elegant view and beautiful light. For some couples, they can pretty much take it from there themselves; but for other may prefer a little more direction.

Which type of couple are you? Don’t worry! We will be there and make it clear within the first few minutes of your day. Also, we’ll know just what you need so that we can work together to make something beautiful and eternal!